Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that power over your life. Let us create a new way of doing things... without all the stress and struggles we normally fall into. Explore alternative Methods & Tools to bring you Great Results and Outcomes.

To see Families and Relationships Regain Family Values and maintain a Healthy Existence. To bring back that Powerful Family Dynamic with Pride and Dignity. Finding Happiness together and Uniting with LOVE. It's about seeing the Imperfected people Perfectly. Building a Solid Strong Foundation that can be Passed down to our Future Generations.

Your Family & Relationship Coach

Yvonne Covington is a Certified Family and Relationship Healing Life Coach and Certified Ambassador of Ecclesiastical Protocol, Women Character Building and Theoretical Doctrine in Leadership Ministries.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy and oftentimes help from others is required. Yvonne Covington grew up in New York City Public Housing and it provided her with a first hand experience very early on. After moving to Charlotte NC, she attended Central Piedmont Community College where she majored in Human Services. Yvonne is a wife of 40 years, has 4 daughters, a bonus daughter, 23 grandchildren and one great-grandson. Yvonne worked as a Communications Specialist for over 30 years until she retired. She is now a Board Certified Family Relationship Coach and has been actively coaching for over 20 years. 

She has great determination and desire to help Individuals through their adversaries. She has learned through the experiences and challenges that she battled and overcame as a teenage mother. Struggling through storms and detrimental heartaches has put years of experience under her belt. Although she often felt defeated, she never gave up. Yvonne stands in her truth, with Faith in her Creator. She is passionate about Life Coaching Services and enjoys helping others make positive changes in their lives.


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Transform Peace Back Into Your Relationships

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People Like You Who Are Healing Their Families

The Facts of Life Academy is Based on Family and Relationship Healing Ministries. Healing Families In Crisis.

We are on a mission to help heal families!

Meet Yvonne

Faith, Action, Change, Truth, and Service.

Heal and Guide Families towards moving forward, away from Stagnation, Bondage, and Pain... Family Trauma, Dark Family Secrets, Generational Curses, Incest, Abuse, Neglect, Abandonment and Grief. We are eager to teach Healing and Coping Strategies to Assist you to push through to the other side.

Taken from my own experience, living through Family Trauma, and learning to follow the Holy Spirit's direction manner of Life, Purpose, Faith, Long-suffering, Love, Perseverance, Precautions, Afflictions, which all happened in my Life.



A Healing Life Coach Teaches Techniques on how to clear out emotions that are making you Sick, Unhappy or just Stuck!!You'll learn how to switch on the Positive Light and Delete all the Negative Energy that has been pouring into your Spirit and Body to STOP! If it comes Back, you'll know how to Deal with it!!!

How Can A Healing Life Coach Help You?

Assisting others on maintaining happy, healthy relationships and family dynamics